Jan 14

एक वृत्तचित्र : सुरों का सुनहरा सफ़र – विविध भारती

Over the years the day in every corner of the country used to start with the AIR’s sweet signature tune. When on 3rd October 1957, AIR started the new service of  providing unique and healthy entertainment, this tune had already became an integral part of people’s lives. वर्षों से देश के कोने कोने मे दिन …

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Nov 07

Reshma’s Unforgettable Songs!


Legendary singer Reshma passed away Sunday morning (November 3rd 2013) leaving behind some unforgettable songs that had purity and the passion. She sung for both Indian and Pakistani movies. She was born in Bikaner, Rajasthan before moving with her family to Pakistan. Here is a list of some of her popular songs from Hindi movies: – लम्बी …

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Oct 23

Manna Dey: RIP

Manna Dey

Today, We lost a great singer ..our own Manna Dey. He was 94 years old and he gave voice to ~ 4000 songs. he got Padm Sri Award in 1971 and Padm Vibhushan in 2005. In 2007 he was awarded with Dada Sahab Falke Award. Radiosakhi Mamta Singh (Via Facebook) सुबह उठते ही मन्‍ना दा के …

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Aug 26

Coffee House: Stories in the Voice of Yunus Khan & Mamta Singh

Coffee House

Few Months back, your favourite DJs Yunus Khan and Mamata Singh started a new audio blog, where they are sharing stories of popular authors. We thought you would be interested in listening those stories in the voice of Yunus and Mamata Ji. The audio blog has been set up in Hindi and you can visit …

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Apr 24

Playback Singer Shamshad Begum left us

Shamshad Begam

Dear VBS Fans, We would like to share with you this sad news that our favorite playback singer of golden times is no more. As a tribute to her singing we present here a song in her voice from the movie Mela.

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