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  1. Leeladhar Soni says:

    unable to hear….not finding play button over here….

    1. umesh says:

      choose station…..first……if speed is ok…… will start automatically…………….9777457306

  2. ATIF says:

    cannot listen live vbs ?

  3. Ariff says:

    why vividh bharati sound is not playing ?

    1. admin says:

      Please follow the e-mail from Admin to listen to vividh Bharti online.
      You get the e-mail only if you have registered with the site.
      Thank You!

      1. unnatikumar says:

        I have registered myself now please tell me how to hear online radio.
        My User ID is – unnatikumar
        E Mail ID –

      2. bapunn says:

        sir,I registered but not getting the email,please inform me

      3. adarsh says:

        live streaming not coming

  4. admin says:

    Please check again!
    The Channel that is playing without user/pass is another FM channel not The Vividh Bharti. to Listen to Vividh Bharti Service please enter user/pass on or the same on Ashra site.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. suhas karvande says:

      He to get user pass…?

  5. haroon says:

    A username and password are being requested by The site says: “Icecast2 Server”

  6. ATIF says:

    why i am not able to listen to vividh bharati here, Radio Ashra by Rahul dave running very well
    but no audio also ?
    Why your web site askin password ?

  7. Chandrasing says:

    Message : “The radio player is not visible in internet explorer. Use Chrome or FireFox, Thanks!

    Your browser does not support the audio element.

    Use Chrome/Firefox for Playing Radio. Radio Player does not appear in Internet Explorer”

    I have used Firefox, but asking for password in Pop-up window.

    What to do?

  8. Shashank says:

    Not able to listen to the stream.

  9. nitish pilla says:

    i cannot hear live streaming :-( asking for user name and pswd

  10. maruf ajmeri says:

    hi guys
    i jst joind
    hop u all having fun
    all th bst

  11. I am facing a similar problem of listening to VBS online. Since it is apparently an issue with all the listeners why doesn’t the administrator post the solution on the homepage.

  12. Rakesh Vende says:

    Dear Vividh Bharati,

    I as a Vividh Bharati lover, request you to please solve the technical problems of “Listen On-Line” feature of your website ASAP.

    We are desperately waiting to hear the Vividh Bharati radio station online.

  13. I am a registered user, but unable to listen live broadcost..:(

  14. how to listen online vividhbhariti……..
    please help me……….

  15. arun sisodiya says:

    Lot of thanks for live vividhbharati . May god give you more intelligence.Its dream come true after many years. Only complain is about inconsistent streaming . Please make it strong

  16. vipin says:

    i am not able to listen vividhbharati continuously. by the i have broadband internet connection. i think administration should take this thing seriously and should take a serious steps at least for the listers who love it very much………vipin

    1. Very inconsistent. The stream has changed from .ogg to windows media file. Good but at least it should be available most of the time. No stream for the last 36 hours. This is ridiculous

  17. Arif says:

    I try and try everyday but the Vividh Bharati Radio does not play.
    Very poor service.

  18. It seems something is broken, it never works any one could make it. Request ADMIN to check once again with the background processes and content on site.

  19. Arif says:

    no more live vividh bharati here

  20. Khushboo says:

    Hello, i am not able to listen… please let me know the process…

    1. GAJRAJ MEENA says:

      Write the website address as given below:
      and then click on vividh bharti desh ki dhadkan and enjoy it live.

  21. rajnath says:

    how to listen vividbharti

  22. ssagupta says:

    Please send me info on how to listen to vividh Bharti live. Thanks

  23. Bhaskar Chakrabarty says:

    Hi, I am also sufferer. Please resume your service on line as before as soon as possible.

  24. haridas says:

    Dear vividh bharati,
    if you are not able to provide live streaming then please change the admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or outsource to others

  25. Gunjan says:

    Hi Admin,

    You can create channel using the internet radio and then it will be available across the world with all the platforms. You already have all these setup in place just visit this

    and register give your site details it will be available across all the internet radio platform. Please let me know if I can create and stream the Vividh bharti for you creating channel over there. Thanks.


  26. ishwar dahya says:

    Dear Vividhbharti, I used to listen to you every day, but since some time ago I can not do so . I am not alone but there must be millions NRIs around the world are lost with out your live broadcasting of all your wonderfull programmes like Sakhi Sheli. Please kindly restore live vivdh bharti online soon or I willbe very upset. Thank you so much Ishwar from Wellington , NewZealand.

  27. Bernado says:

    I started listening to vivid h bharatiin1959asa schoolboy on radioand then switched on to the Urdu service on 11,620khzwhenit was no longer available on sw then accidentally i hit your station on 9870khz and because vividh bharatu is sharing this frequency with radio China-and giving China upper hand I star aterd listening online and now Ifin some people try to make money prompting bogus ads saying we can listen to vividh Ararati using their software is this being done with the connivance of y ou but all those sofware are bogus ones why are you officially allowing rogues to hoodwink your listeners especially those who are outsid india. Ialso got down frm germany a DDDDDDRM radio payinga reasonableamontof mony but still Icoulnt pibk up yourdrm sinals radio dial akways tells me no signalskinly come back on line

  28. says:

    iPad app?

  29. bapun says:

    i donot able to listen live streaming,please reply me

  30. yourhealth says:

    Dear Sir, Only a few months back I used to tune in ViVidh Bharati without any complicated effort. Bot of late, it has become a nightmare to get it tuned -in . I have followed every instruction and have even registered myself on the site. But not able to tune in so far.
    My only question – what was the need of changing the simple pattern to listen to it. Perhaps it is the Sarkari culture which is to blame. They cannot tolerate something going in the benefit of the public and enjoy people’s discomfort. Administrator Sahib, I can give you some prize if you do a public demo for the successful tune in of the Vividh Bharati.
    God Bless ViVidh Bharati,. May He give some wisdom to the Sarkari people managing this live listening site.

  31. sachin says:

    sogns ishq chupta Nahin

  32. amit786nit says:

    Hi Admin,

    i am not able to hear vividh bharti at above given links.
    i have also tried” in vlc player it is asking for userid and password.
    if is there any specific setting in browser please share us. because many one facing same problem.

  33. praveen says:

    this is India country my friend. the vividh bharti is very popular radio station and have out of from internet service since from 4 moths. no news no information whats going on.really i feel i borne in that country where most of government polices comes when needy becomes die.

    100 mein 80 beimaan
    fie bhee bhart desh mahan

  34. geetadv says:

    I have registered myself but still I am unable to listen to live radio
    eve i got email but no success in hearing any live radio
    please help

  35. Farzi Shah says:


  36. JAVED NAAZ says:

    how to listen online vividh bharti please help me
    my email.

  37. Saddaam says:

    I want listen vividh bharti online on my computer. plz help me.

  38. Raj kk says:

    this is bullshit

  39. samarth says:

    already registered but didnt get any link or anything else to listen to vividh bharti kindly guide me to do the same

  40. Jaydeep says: link for Vividh Bharati on-line is not working: Clicking on it opens the app and the timer starts moving but there is nothign but silence! I have e-mailed about this to but he has not responded nor has he corrected the issue. Very frustrating.

  41. Sarang Asolkar says:

    नमस्कर मै आकाशवाणी का नियमित श्रोता हूँ लेकिन मुज़े विविधभारती ऑनलाइन कैसे सुनते है ये बताये
    वैसे मै में सुनता था लेकिन कुछ दिनोसे वहा भी कुछ खराबी आनेके कारण
    सुनाई नही दे रहा है तो कृपा करके मुज़े आप मार्गदर्शन करे

  42. Sarang Asolkar says:

    नमस्कर मै आकाशवाणी का नियमित श्रोता हूँ लेकिन मुज़े विविधभारती ऑनलाइन कैसे सुनते है ये बताये
    वैसे मै में सुनता था लेकिन कुछ दिनोसे वहा भी कुछ खराबी आनेके कारण
    सुनाई नही दे रहा है तो कृपा करके मुज़े आप मार्गदर्शन करे


  43. Jaydeep says:

    Still silence when clicking on the Vividh Bharati on-line link on Does anybody want to address this issue or we are still the the same lame government as we always were?